Different, no different

Was out a few weeks ago and my mate got some feedback from an old writer that I should retire because some of my stuff is a bit crap. I laughed because I pretty much retired from graffiti in 2007 but it did make me think. The one thing that I thought of was that you can’t hang onto the past and have to innovate. What I realised though that most of my work is no different from what I have been doing since the late 80s. Maybe now it is more public whereas I would do work somewhere and nobody really saw it or cared for anything that different. People probably still don’t care and now even less but my work is a touch more public. It is a different environment everything has changed it isn’t like gangs of writers are on the trains going from place to place.

Writers now are like ghosts they are stealth and even dress like ninjas to suit. Graffiti is less public even though it isn’t in the way the culture operates.If you think you are hardcore now and tag the streets that is fine but the reality is that is where graffiti has ended up and I was one of the guys who understood that early on. I respect trains but it isn’t where the innovation is anyway. Especially these days and that is meant overall as I know there is some great work on trains still happening but it is elsewhere. I do some pretty original and good work and I got criticised for something experimental that wasn’t that great but I can still create good work. I know I am not the best but I am not a clone of some retro rehash and so I am a little annoyed about it but I don’t really care too much because I was going to do an old school piece and now I think “no way” I won’t touch it.

The stupid thing is all of my work is really old school and has an attitude of innovation which is what its all about to me. My work looks dated and that is the stuff that is original. Not only have I been open to innovating with existing styles but recently have a style that I created from the ground up and really I am not truly innovating but trying to be myself. So no first outline or last outline the whole style is free-styled from start to finish and the result is unknown. It isn’t results based and that is pretty tricky, to make something from the ground up with no idea or outline or direction but just purely from being who I can be. It is funny because the guy who said it is pretty much hanging onto some old baggage and could be far more innovative and making better work if he wasn’t so deluded and I am probably no different.

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