The point

Just putting it out there, it is human nature to want to share but there are a lot of barriers. The main one is context. As an artistic type I try to share my work and over the years I have played a few different approaches. Now I feel like doing it more to be an alternative voice but there is only so much you can do. It can get annoying especially now that sharing is so prevalent, everyone can do it and maybe we don’t want to see a certain kind of art or voice. When I started putting work on the internet in the late 90s it was to remain relevant and show the progression of work. People were sharing all over the world and it was more underground and it was hard because you would paint the train lines and your piece would be cleaned off the next day depending on where you painted so the internet gave a little more scope to illegal work.

Now that I do legal work and play with art you lose appeal but for me I don’t want to go back to illegal work and I can’t due to my health anyway. That is why I stopped ie catatonia and now I am better doing karate and I can do hard exercise but I can’t run. My body locks up when I run and my mind has moved on anyway. There really is so much I don’t share or ever can share. People take photos of my graffiti but it is mainly Asian tourists and they don’t know who I am or who the people I paint with are and why do they need to know anyway. Graffiti is everywhere, it is bigger than the individual artists.

To many it is a blight it pisses people off left and right, for others it is a drive that keeps them sane and alive.

It ends up in some small European back streets to some market upbeat a rhyme to some a crime to some in the end it doesn’t matter while wars of the world blood and splatter.

In the end people should respect what is shared but now it is chicken dinners business winners motivational gurus and all we need is more corporate greed.

In the end you can share but what you really need do is to show yourself and family and friends care.

That is really it, there are limits to what you can share.

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