From another era

Really have appreciated a collaboration with a photographer, got some great feedback on my website and work in general. Sometimes I just go around in circles getting nowhere and I feel like I can’t break out of it. It is really valuable feedback, not to say it will change the world but may give people an opportunity to know what products I have available. Maybe I think people can work it out for themselves but the truth is they need it spelt out.

There will be a new page on the site listing general categories of work with approximate prices and some kind of hero shot to tie it all together. It should be up and running by the end of the week. There was also a great new direction I just wish I had of thought of but really it is the photographer who deserves the credit. I really need to lift my game and break out of the cycle. I keep forgetting who and what I stand for in my art game, the truth is I kind of had given up on visual art chasing dialogue based sound works. That in itself is fine but you need visual material and it has to be conceptually interesting rather than just be a piece of original work.

My mind is from another era, I don’t belong to current art practices. I really need to keep that in mind when I am making work.

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