Bad apples

It is funny people ask me about PSK and why you would have have a tough guy moniker but in the late 80s 90s there were a lot of youth gangs and if you could have a tough name it kind of helped. It can be like a bikie gang can be the Commancheros but they probably aren’t a bunch of Mexicans. Also with the hate crimes that get associated with tough gang names it is usually the work of people who probably should have kept up their graffiti rather than their hating. That is the issue, a few bad apples they say but they were off the real spirit of graffiti which is creativity and expression. I left the crew in the early 90s because train graffiti was aggressive and I was interested in art.

The ones that chose the path of hate that was their issue why should it tarnish a crew of graffiti artists who should be able to keep up their art. The tough guy names are not to be taken literally. I may put the name up occasionally but it isn’t about hate but due to the sensitive nature of it which I understand I put up EPS for my creative buddies from the early to mid 90s. In reality I am too old to put up crews anyway because I only do legals but if I do it isn’t in solidarity with hatred but to good times painting with friends which is my reality.

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