Spray Tainted Life

In 2013 I made a bunch of work that was quite nice and I let my tag go just to explore something else and be creative. In 2014 kept up the same momentum and really had a good time. Since 2015 though I think the return to my tag due to my personal life getting tied into graffiti and all of that was a journey back into spray tainted territory. Felt that I needed to express the basic drive, what I reckon is the laser light show of spray tainting. The other night I had dreams about throw ups, the arsehole of graffiti. Be good to explore that in a real way not the kind of showmanship of some current practitioners.

By my own standards I am really disliking this phase but will let it roll on, next thing you know I will do buttock imprints on canvas that is just how it is going. Luckily I have no standards to up keep. On a brighter note though I am exploring coding and using a programme called “processing” which lets you write code on the fly and create free standing coded artworks. That looks promising but I need to gain a lot more coding skill, though there is a lot of great demo code to learn from and I kind of have some ideas I would like to explore.

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