Photos . trains . computers

Talking about dreams got me onto one I had the other night that is pure wish fulfillment. It has a couple of parts and takes around three directions. It is recurring and isn’t really difficult or too odd. Basically it started about a place where I used to do dead trains and it was always hard to find. There would be remnants of pieces and missing photos it was part of a phase that never met the light of day. So that is the first part and birthplace of this dream land. The second part is about hitting some live trains nearby and once again the location becomes baffling. The third part is in the buildings near the dead yard where there are these really cool scientific computers. They are old abandoned but really cool, they have this modular largess. There are so many cool components but sometimes some components are missing. Sometimes though the dream especially the computers can be great there are bizarre operating systems that are like retro games but that have more depth and they can be immersive.

Basically the first section is about the missing photos that I haven’t seen of late eighties work that I guess I wish I could see to jog my memory really which probably will never happen but who knows. It would be bound to be disappointing but its just a phase so it is frustrating. The second is just annoying, wondering around strange places for a quick layup it is like a maze, this seems frustrating too probably coming back to the fact that I find graffiti difficult to express myself with when in the illegal realm as I am constantly looking over my shoulder. The third though lets me dream of restoring devices which was a past time for a few years. Technology seems disappointing in the consumer realm so I dream of finding complex systems that are scientific. Sometimes the computers can be awesome and I will go to the site just to see them. So there you have it, photos, trains and computers.

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