How could you??!!

Been reading a little lately, it has been good reading in a browser and looking at a lot of examples of music and film from the book. It feels good to experience art that I haven’t really had a lot of knowledge about. I always say to my spray buddies that I would rather be sitting at an opera than dealing with graffiti politics. I am getting so close. The amazing thing today is I used to need a library to get totally immersed in reading and media but now it is in your browser and there are at the least snippets of particular films that I had never heard of and full operas and symphonies. And please don’t get me started on Wikipedia I love it.

Well I deleted Facebook off my phone but not because I dislike it or anything but my phone really struggles with it. I can still check it when I am on a laptop and I still have Messenger on my phone as it works well and really it makes sense on a phone to have it. I am avoiding social media in general, just because I need a little break from “reality”. It isn’t a dramatic turn of events but I don’t feel like scrolling through information at the moment. It is interesting because I feel like I am falling as I descend into the information whereas with a book you traverse up and down and across. It seems natural, I guess that is why the flipbook app seemed so good because you could move around but it doesn’t quite get there. Even Instagram now has me feeling a sense of vertigo it is dizzying. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked which is a real deal because screens are getting a little difficult for these forty plus eyes.

Twenty years ago it wasn’t that I was lazy but that I was ready to retire but now I feel I have lost my way because really I am once again ready for a bit of retirement action. talking about falling what about ‘the fall’. Humanity became what it was meant to be in the eyes of God but even to God it was unforgivable. How could we be different from other animals and know we were naked? As I say to my cat all the time “how could you?”

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