Zapgalaxy Doer Collabs

Was thinking about the fundamental differences between Zap and my own work. Basically we have stolen a lot from each each other over the years but managed to stay quite distinct in style. Basically Zap is into machines and I am into organisms though we can overlap and do both. Zap loves cars and consoles, I get excited by cells and micro shots of bacteria. I think my style really developed in early 2000, that is when I started letting my other interests grow. In the early 90s and late 90s I dabbled with organic shapes but I really let it go with a particular work in 2000 which I felt was really oddball. Zap got his machines going in the late 90s and stuck it out where in contrast I was in and out up and down finding then losing. One great stealing session was when Zap did a great piece in 2010 and I was blown away, a few years later I found the style was lifted from a section of a piece I did in 98 that was part of a collab. It was funny because in 98 I lifted a whole style off Zap with everything from some of his canvas work and spent a year using it for my own paintings. So we just steal from each other and we don’t seem to mind as basically our ideas are different. I stole another idea in regard to outlines which I will use occasionally and sometimes I just do a part of his piece maybe a character because I know basically what he wants to achieve and to help lighten the load. I guess I really like his style and respect it and it seems the respect is mutual. We have known each other for around thirty years so have developed together, he always encouraged me to stay experimental and I appreciate that because only a handful of people understood what I was doing when I broke away from my mainstream graffiti style in 1993. We are pioneers and have opened a lot up in Sydney which is the city of sandcastles, we are not really great innovators but just really excited by art making and following our interests.

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