Moving along

It has been busy again in terms of freelance work. I need more but really I am getting paid to learn at the minute and my brother in law gave me some solid advice in terms of wordpress development which was an aha moment. It has all been about the tools. My client is very business focused and having meetings with him got me thinking about my own cobbling things together style. So I got the gear, the gear to climb the mountain so to speak, software tools and some hardware which actually has helped. Its like having the running shoes but really you have to run and if you are serious you will. I have become a little tired of cobbling even though it had its place. Some people are kind of hidden away doing some kind of obscure hobby and I have been like that and you do develop skills, but to make that next step you need to just jump in the deep end.

So to recap I have been learning to drive a manual car, I have returned to karate after a long hiatus, I know the core development style for wordpress, I have a new domain name too but I am using it for development though soon I will put up my commercial portfolio as well. It is good to keep professional and hobby stuff separate. I am ready to throw in aerosol painting because I am not feeling it anymore, I need to move into other things now.

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