Seeing things in things other than what they are. A face in a pile of clothes for instance, not a real face! Just read an article about psychosis which was interesting. The traits of mental illness are only a step away from creativity. Why a step? Why not a chasm? The issue comes down to identifying meaningful data from chance or so they say. What is wrong with chance anyway? Supposedly the marker is intelligence, do you have the top down executive control to tell the difference? My issue being that everything I do is based on chance and I don’t see how that makes me less intelligent than a  bunch of researchers digging around for answers. It comes down to privilege, chance is only the bad guy in the article it really isn’t an issue in general. The key is seeing what works or has some value in a wider social world. That of course is always changing, why if I dressed as Caesar but hadn’t crossed the Rubicon I am mad but if I did then the die is cast, I am obviously Caesar and its all normal. That though is timing and that is what chance is about so as Caesar said “the die is cast”.

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