Well the last few pieces have been pretty much graffiti influenced. Always surprised to see all of the influences in my work, it looks different but it is just borrowing from a lot of older graffiti art mainly unconsciously. The faces I was doing from late 2013 were in the same vein but I felt they were a little more arty….wrong! They were exactly the same really but a little less focused. Well it isn’t up to me to judge it is in the hands of other people and boy are they getting it wrong. Or more likely I am getting it wrong or it is hitting the spot it depends what you are into. The reason I am on this tangent is from feedback I get from more established street artists who will remain unnamed. Not that I care but it is good to get feedback, I like positive feedback and constructive feedback and also negative feedback. It all filters through and the truth is I still hang onto my graffiti roots even though I try and pass myself off as mr arty fingers. Because I do legal work only and don’t really go into more hardcore graffiti I thought the mr arty fingers moniker might stick but no I am forever hardcore even though I haven’t done anything illegal since 2007, at least according to some snooty muralists. The competition is fierce in the zone of murals and street art so you can be rest assured that someone is sizing you up to make sure you are not going to get one up and take a prime wall or mural opportunity. My own interests are out of step with the current trends and I am painting for my own enjoyment so I am no threat and can handle being labelled a hardcore graffiti painter. Even when I was a hardcore graffiti painter I mainly did throw ups and tags and now I dream of being an artist who is appreciated not for being the top of the pack but for being creative, and yes graffiti can be creative and everyone knows that. In graffiti I am misunderstood but I am lucky because a lot of people understand that I am being creative and pushing my style, in street art people know I am open minded the thing is now the big names are moving beyond graffiti and street art and are becoming professional mural artists making work in various formats. It is good to see mural art making such a comeback and it is big really big and that is where it is heading. Me well I love doing what I am doing and know what I am about but my motto is let it happen and I hope I get some more mural work but it just isn’t happening this year. Lucky I have web design to fall back on and some steady work.

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