You have to laugh

It has been good to be drawing again, I mean with a pencil as I have been drawing with paint pens somewhat similar to drawing with aerosol. The client wants some small drawings for categories in the site. Also had a moment to do a study of George Orwell for my next aerosol work. The book 1984 is so arresting and ominous, so well written and so relevant to the time it was written as well as now, a true classic. What gets me about Gogol and ‘the overcoat’ and Orwell’s character Winston is their wretched lives. The tyranny of boredom and bureaucracy a very modern type. The dirty old overcoat from a low paid boring job and Winston’s blunt razor blades transport me into feeling for their plight to essentially be free from the world around them. To overcome their poverty and repression, these books become very personal in our own battle to overcome mediocrity and blind agreement with the powers that be. The dissatisfaction with governments that are focused on economic agendas that seem alien from most peoples goals of community harmony and general happiness. There is the other argument though that people now feel entitled. Entitled to things such as free education while others feel entitled to be able to use money to leverage their children’s education over those who maybe entitled from talent. I like that word in particular because it is usually the people talking about entitlement who seem to think they are entitled to point out who should and shouldn’t be entitled. This isn’t even me playing with the word, it is actually that ridiculous, just try and think about it and you can’t help but go around in circles. The governments aren’t big on feel good approaches at least not until it is time to be elected or re-elected, it isn’t just a game but something that works like turning the key in your car. The feel good approach has disappeared replaced with voodoo economic data. I use the word voodoo because there is a bad spirit somewhere in the data, a sign. Iron ore prices are down, unemployment is growing etc etc, the equivalent of voodoo for most people. Maybe if the stock market is going well my cup of tea may taste better or the bus may go faster or the train will always be on time. Or if you feel like talking to someone who actually cares pray. That someone though has no physical body or general relation to time or space but has created these, not with tools though as some kind of existence may have already been. To create just like the large hadron collider but with nothing at all. Well don’t worry I am just weaving the magic of words, they have a habit leaving gaps and mutual understandings and misunderstandings. So many story tellers, the government fends of dissatisfaction with the spectre of terrorism, a cloak of self preservation and impending madness. It is true they have power and trust has become limited but you and I have the power to write a story that isn’t the next Hollywood blockbuster but a blog, a blog about the time I went and spray painted on a wall a picture that made you think, hey that guy is off his tree and I really love that video that Cata made and stay safe and now it is time I went to cuddle my cats. Goodnight.

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