Monday meanderings

With social media I kind of decided to spread myself thinly over it like vegemite on toast. Maybe more like a thin spreading over Lebanese bread, an environment that can definitely take a lot of flavour and filling. Like the vegemite it was a little boring after the umpteenth mouth full and so I had to un-spread myself, had to scrape this condiment from this large surface. There will always be traces left and that is social media for you. This large piece of bread or maybe many breads of many flavours doesn’t need any more of my thinly spread vegemite on it. It wasn’t the best idea to try and do all of these different formats, so pulled back to just keep it basic and the other problem is I don’t have the time. For example after a big paint I would throw my work into a number of social media to get exposure but then found it a lot of work. It can be exhausting. The changes are not drastic, just closed my Facebook page and my graffiti Facebook because I already have a personal account. The idea to make the graffiti Facebook page was to see and share my work but I couldn’t find the time to maintain it. My page wasn’t as hard but it wasn’t much different from my personal site.

Twitter has become some kind of repository or dumping ground so that can go too, there is great content but you have to take the time to get to it. Twitter was once a place where I followed psychology and economic articles and they were interesting and I enjoyed it but then my interests changed and it became full of music artists blowing their trumpets and it became noisy. Now I am following web development but there isn’t the time to really spend on twitter. Even writing now is a luxury because Monday night is my usual blogging and relaxing night. The last thing I want to do is spend more time on social media.

In general have thrown myself back into web development and computers so you would think that being on social media would be great when in that territory but it is the opposite you need to think and be mentally engaged with the task at hand. Have always loved physical activity and physical jobs but when doing development you are totally mentally engaged, for a while it actually hurt my head going into that world. Probably in a couple of weeks I will be back to painting but have to finish a project hopefully in next two weeks. Why aren’t I doing it right now? Well just spent the weekend and the past week after work working. You need at least a few hours here and there switching off, Monday night and Friday night are usually just doing very little nights. Have made the right decision cutting back, things change. I have decided to just write on this blog and keep photos to a minimum it is best to write when you are inspired really but for me it is a bit of thinking aloud. Oh no I just went to twitter to delete it and an interesting article was right there, well it can remain my trash bin for a while longer, damn it!!!!

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