Get busy……

Basically have painted my first aerosol work for 2015, it could be a couple of weeks until the next work but it feels right. Have come a little further in my current freelance work project so that is good. Probably in the next few weeks it should be finished aiming for mid Feb and that will be a complete website with custom graphics. The first work of the year in aerosol was another unexpected arrival didn’t really know what it would come out like and it was a tad different. There seems to be a lot of younger graffiti writers with an illegal agenda who still seem content to do legal walls which is rather strange if you pride yourself on being a rebellious type. When I was younger it was only after twelve long years of illegal work that I started doing legal walls and only because what I wanted to do ie big elaborate walls in full colour with custom artwork couldn’t be done illegally. These young tykes do a pile of crap on legal walls and I don’t understand why they bother. They will also wax lyrical that you have to do illegals so they are at best hypocrites too. The ones actually doing what they say they do are alright because they are honestly doing what they are good at or should I quote Michael Jackson and say are “bad” at. Go and do what you like but don’t let your agenda turn you into a jerk so you feel you can go scrap up legal walls, leave that to people who can actually paint well rather than like some quick illegal stuff which should be on the train line you are trying to get up on.

There is a time and place for everything and remember that there are people who are artists and that isn’t a threat but a reality. I love quick rollers and all of that stuff but keep it illegal and then you can at least feel like a decent person and learn to enjoy the variety of art out there even if it is patterns or street art. Otherwise you just burn bridges and that is not the way to go about things. I admit though some street artists are just as bad and they probably need to respect graffiti culture but tagging on legals is pointless. And to finish hating street art or patterns or legal painters just means your not busy enough doing what your supposed to be doing which is getting up.

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