Displaced from reality

If you can imagine a place somewhere in your self where you can’t think outside of a boundary. The boundary could be seen as a state of being somewhat displaced from reality, a kind of place to exist within that disregards information from outside of itself. A closed system that cannot think beyond itself, that truly cannot think. Every now and then I am reminded of this place through dream states. They are not dreams but a psychosis a place where reality can’t penetrate. I simply lie there and endure this state as another world seems to fill my mind. But really it isn’t my mind, it has nothing to do with my mind as my mind simply stands aside watching the strangeness unfold, a kind of paranoid reality where I have to watch the goings on without participating. My mind stupefied can’t see any way out it simply is a spectator and the state of mind the spectre.

When these states are endured I simply wait patiently for it to end, I can only hope it will unravel and disappear it only appears every now and then unexpected. A reminder that makes me glad to see the world through my own eyes to know there is actually more than this disconnected place. In this state I call out to my partner but I know I am trapped she wouldn’t know that I am calling from this place, “help me x, help me”. If this was consciousness and I was simply wandering, not in this world mind you but that world you cannot see, that only I can see and others like me can see but really we are calling out, “help me x, help me!”.

I can see you now you are there, I woke up, the bad dream ended and now I hold my hand out, I can see you and I know of the world you see. It isn’t real and it has become all you know, when I am there I also call out but nobody can hear. For some this is all they know.

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