Lately with all of the goings on in the world I have been thinking of cruelty. There are many examples either current or from the past. The use of torture as a symptom of dealing with enemies of the state, I use the word symptom because it seems so odd to think that the new millennia could bring a reprise of torture. The torturer has a false sense of control, they can administer and command the scene whereas out in the world they can only guess what terror awaits. Torture brings a false comfort, a false victory. The victim who was once the terrorist has information literally prised from their bodies. The deaths they planned to carry out is now the pain they can’t escape, the truth can only be beaten out of them. This though is the understanding and how long is the information relevant? Have the plans of attack changed? Are there new strategies?

This though is assuming that you can find truth through a long and painful process that torture is. So the terrorists show cruelty as they have an agenda to disrupt and unseat the democratic world. They can’t negotiate there own state and how could a state be run by terrorists? Afghanistan was run by terrorist supporters, the Taliban was happy to allow training camps for their own ends. That really is the problem, a huge divide and hatred of the West. The west of course was not particularly worried about a state incapable of a military attack but that underlying hatred was leading to cruel acts. No surprises that there are many injustices in the world, it seems that our disinterest has fed an agenda of hatred and cruelty. Disinterest though these days seems a luxury we can’t really afford and people are always rallying for the common good.

Some states seem like wild and crazy places where to stone a woman to death or threaten nuclear oblivion is their strategy and law, the problem we face is our multicultural society seems a utopian dream where our enemies can simply lie in wait to strike. This other agenda is a common ground of thinking say with the idea that you can ban wearing a burqa. The world is basically going back to a less tolerant and more divided agenda as seen over the past decade or so. Personally I don’t like it as it limits our freedoms and possibly that is the point of the terrorist agenda to limit the Wests bigger world presence. It is actually working too, when laws were passed that limited freedoms years ago some terrorists commented that this showed the Wests true side, what a bunch of bastards! Creating a situation so they could say I told you so. I can’t remember if it was Bin Ladin or some such scum bags but it was a while ago now.

The problem though is the war on terror may just go on for another twenty years, it will basically be a constant operation to limit the terrorist groups and other affiliates. There is actually no other way if the West wants to keep its position relevant. When Iraq was invaded for the second time people were optomistic that Iraq would warm to Western values and there would be a construction industry and other efforts. It didn’t take off of course as it is a sovereign country with its own internal agenda and there are new opportunities to have influence on the country. Our own disinterest seems to be our own undoing but we are not really responsible for the worlds problems, they stem from double standards. We can at once create industry and hope for a better life but what can a family in Afghanistan or Palestine hope for? Education? Farming? Happiness? Charity? The real question is what do they really want and what do we want? Cruelty though won’t help solve problems that is for sure.

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