Drawing in coloured pencil

It was interesting doing a coloured pencil drawing for the current project I am working on. It made me think of the pencil as, at least on a smaller scale being somewhat like noise. Each colour goes on leaving small gaps but you can’t perceive them when you focus on the whole drawing or area. Really enjoyed that as an idea, to think you can organise this noise into bands of colour or shading. Funny the things I think about really. Compared to paint pens which actually penetrate the paper giving a more solid colour and look then seeing the pencil kind of sitting on the high troughs of the paper was  fascinating and I could disguise some areas that were messy with different levels of rendering. Quite a good look really. To be honest I never use pencils to create my work but this was all due to the client wanting a more quirky feel which pencil has. Maybe I could equate quirkiness with noise? Paint pens are graphic you can’t render at least not in a subtle way and what would the point of that be? I have done a render with the paint pens but it was looking more like an etching, more crisp and defined. A representation of rendering really.

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