Suit yourself!

Well I have put a few threads out for work. It seems I will have to do a number of different jobs and wear a few different hats. It suits me fine. So far there is web design on offer, drawing, possible community murals next year. I am skilled in a few different areas say with computers in some technical areas, a little with graphics, web design, I can administer Linux computers and I do a little scripting too. Definitely no expert, but who needs experts anyway! I have at least one job on the go and I like the idea of different challenges. Realised that the graphic job I had was needing a web designer, well why not do that too? Can’t afford to be fussy and need some work other than my regular job considering it is just keeping the boat afloat.

Enjoying the latest wall too, it isn’t paid but they are at least supplying paint. Can’t reveal too much because it is a big project and we don’t want to be photographed and lauded as gods, or so we believe in our strange fantastic mind bending imaginations. Thats where stuff like this goes straight were all those drug users fill their veins or lungs with a complete and complex fantasy. But at least ours isn’t a pock marked face with glazed eyes, it, it is beautiful. Thats of course if you enjoy street art, you may hate it and prefer to be charitable to a deranged drug user. Well suit yourself!

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