Um, ok then

The gathering of artists here is to exercise the crossing of media, most of the artists traverse various media and have chosen an eclectic approach to directly address their concerns as artists. To move through a media saturated world is generally the norm in our current social environment. From computers, graffiti and street art to devices and even traditional media such as paper and canvas all are used to different ends. The ends are to create recognition, whether recognition of products, values, or ideals. In an art practice these media all present an opportunity to address a message or technique. Collectively the artists are addressing different issues from mental illness to current world events and cultural practices. The show isn’t about the crossing of media itself as that is a part of our current social space but how we can envision our place in a more exclusionary world. As our world seems to be opening with technology it also seems to be splintering into divisions where we can instantly see beheadings and other antiquated medieval fair. Technology is at once our saviour and our undoing. You can just imagine Bin Laden delicately putting his USB drive in his computer to decode his cronies messages or sending his latest VHS masterpiece to Al Jazeera. It seems we have been sent back into the dark ages and to close the gap we need to limit rights and track movements with technology. Sorry for getting a bit carried away but I don’t normally write for an art audience. I might need a hot cup of herbal tea to calm the nerves.

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