Wading through porridge

Well if I was to do lettering, to really push it somewhere, it just wouldn’t happen. As a graffiti artist I couldn’t do it to myself, when I start really drawing what interests me in that regard I have an interest in line and form which is so foreign from anything that I don’t know what this monster is and not in a good way. It is an island with no other sea farers in sight a strange land out there in the midst of loneliness. If I ever decide to go and be as lonely as possible I might start down that path. Believe me it is attractive, I love setting off into oblivion to trial in fruitless labours where there lies no reward but a photo collection of odd visual gymnastics.
It has got me thinking though, by channelling this interest into my faces I have let it have a more universal form. Graffiti has grown into other directions, they are exciting but not where I am heading there are many likenesses, glass, kaleidoscopic forms, tonal transitions, lighting effects but they just don’t have my name on them. It is for the new generation, also I can’t claim to be New York influenced at least not now.
As an aside I can remember the demolition of a car detailer on the corner of Coogee Bay Road a number of years ago. The detailers tested their cans on the walls and the effect was a wall of random marks, yes, I loved it that was it, a sight of unintentional nothingness. Random meaningless marks, that is my current state of lettering, a cocophany of line and unintentional forms topped with a sesame seed bun. Looks better than it tastes and that is why I avoid lettering.

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