So have been keeping a journal where I was supposed to hone my skills as a blogger but alas it just stayed there unseen. Probably not a bad thing and I just couldn’t get anything out but my own gravel like thoughts. It seems even though the browser is off the cuff the overall writing quality is well, existent if anything as opposed to hidden in a journal. The journal has been added to over the past three months or so and its purpose was to help me excel at the art of blogging. The plan was to write through the week leaving at least one article for the weekend, an interesting well thought piece of excellence. Well as you can see that didn’t happen and I am back to edit less meanderings and general misunderstandings.
Although I managed to write my little book which was my only achievement in this period. To conclude I have fallen in love with iBooks even though it got Apple done for colluding prices which shouldn’t mar a very good platform, the issue is of course is accessibility. What if you don’t have a Mac with iBooks or an iDevice? So of course I have a pdf on this site. But back to iBooks I love it on the Mac even more than the iPad it is really good but I will be forced to make a universal version inevitably.

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