Never like to get drawn into television type debates but one of the most ridiculous is the one that finds itself on talk back radio about entitlement. If for instance you are not entitled would you be better off in a slum or a ghetto? That of course is far off the point but sums up the other extreme of what it is to be or not be entitled. Saying people are not entitled to welfare is like saying here is some rusty corrugated iron can you just build a little shanty over in that swampy corner please. The government can never really afford anything other than decade long wars in the middle east. It isn’t really about entitlements but about being entitled and Australians are which is why we have a decent standard of living which by the way is being eroded anyway. Not eroded by dole bludgers but by lengthy wars in the middle east and retard type leadership. It isn’t Abbott by the way, it was Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Zombie Rudd it could be Jesus next lets at least hope so. How about some leadership rather than agendas that disenfranchise everyone. Is it about the lesser evil, it seems so. Take advantage of your entitlements before some moron in power takes them away and we can create a country like the ones that people escaped from to come here for. Good one Australia. First lower the price of alcohol, then lower wages, take away entitlements and wall-ah you have your very own sh*t hole.

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