When you put drugs in your body you can create addiction. The body changes to meet the needs of the chemicals being introduced and then they have to be constantly taken to keep the process going. There is a trajectory of addiction, some people will have some control of their addiction but even though it is within the same spectrum. Others may lose control of their bodies and lose all sense of their self. The common sense understanding is that addiction starts on soft drugs and leads to harder more addictive drugs. You can start anywhere with this logic why not alcohol or junk food? Not to say addiction doesn’t have a story the thing to remember is that their is always a story behind it. The scary part is that addiction feeds itself and the addict can only be addicted there is no choice in the matter. The person induces themselves with the chemicals to act as an addict, the problem is that initially it is a choice and then it becomes something else. People who beat addiction need to be congratulated it must be hard.

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