Readings Zap Lacan

Recently read a reader on Lacan, what I highlighted or at least paid attention to was the ideas of fantasy, the good and bad side to this. I applied it to Zap’s artworks of the fantasy that he produces and as an artist he looks at once at the ideal world of fantasy and its darker side. He has experienced racism when he first arrived from Romania called a wog and such. He was on about fantasy at university and I see the issue a bit clearer. To quote Sean Homer from the book “In other words, for a utopian fantasy to work, it presupposes the disavowal and repression of itself, and its effectiveness depends on how well it does this.” Zap’s latest posters are of a dialogue from an authority figure (The space ship captain or alien race) readying to turn the other into a mutant for its own purposes. This relates quite directly to current issues especially the representation of asylum seekers, the government vilifies them and processes them in such a way as to demean their chances of getting residency and joining the general Australian community. To quote Sean again “This belief in the excessive jouissance of the Other is sustained through fantasy. Fantasy is one of the ways through which we reconcile ourselves to our dissatisfaction with our own jouissance and the impossibility of the real.”

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