Mural Renaissance

Had a good look at some other murals, the randwick mural “Proud of our Elders” really stands up and was recently restored which was a great outcome as it had badly deteriorated. Really good to see the local council actually caring about a community icon that has been there for over 30 years and has a good 30 years to look forward too after its restoration. The “I have a dream” mural was partially restored after a fire damaged the bottom half, a Newtown icon if ever there was one by Seems and Mystery. Now there are a lot of artists competing for murals, it was a real relief to see a wall in Marion st Leichhardt transformed into a great mural by Numskull, Beastman et al really needed it, looks like we have a bit of a renaissance of mural art. Recently applied for a grant to join the push for murals so lets see how I go, I don’t have the best chance as I am not a Marrickville council native but I work around the municipality so hope that works in my favour. Otherwise have a few walls on anyway starting monday and continuing into the next month or so. Hope to get some photos up soon.  

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