Welcome aboard

Finding myself expressing opinions on my blog, suppose with the intention of giving followers of my graffiti art more of an insight into what drives my work. When painting in the early 90s I was labelled weird by a lot of my crew for doing unexpected content, usually images that were of faces it was pretty pedestrian stuff. The inspiration for a lot of my work then was from seeing the graffiti in Europe through Hype magazine around 93 and then seeing different art in first year art school. I was so inspired and blown away there was so much to explore and it was exciting. I would drop lettering and coded stuff for images maybe from something I found on the street adding different touches. Every now and then I would drop some lettering too but I tried to make it as different as I could usually with differing success. It was exciting but a bit lonely because the scene at the time thought it was weird but at the same time I got to work with some great artists like Dephi. Painted some great spots he has all the photos and threw in graffiti later on. There was too much drama for him, he was very skilled but got hassled as he was quite different. Australia might have to be the most conservative place in the world. Things have changed now with street art but there are still a lot of people who want to do everything by the book so really a lot of copy cats. In saying that though there are some of the most original street artists and graffiti artists here in the world.

Hope to be able to let any one into my work understand my background as that really drives the content not because I am stuck in the past but because I am bringing the past with me, to here now, the best compliment I ever had was from K-agent when he said I was bringing 80s style with me but updating it in 2007. I want to bring it all along for the ride and who ever wants to come along you are welcome.

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