School or schooled

When your struggling inside with questions do you need counseling? When I was nineteen I started seeing counsellors and it was good. My issues were complex but the basic tools helped. Cognitive therapy was good for me but it was laying the foundations for better thinking and information processing. Seriously I could have benefited from it earlier but in the eighties it wasn’t really a tool used. I spent ten years getting therapy on and off, it helped but the real issues became apparent years later. I saw one of the top cognitive therapists in the country. I had everything from social phobia, anxiety, depression the list went on but after ten years I found some peace inside with starting a family, had enough really. All these experts and my head like a horror movie, well I found the therapy tools great. 2004 the psychiatrist diagnosed me that’s after ten years eleven to be exact but it changed my life for the better the software tools were not needed we had to treat the hardware and so it was. It can take years to find answers just keep searching and trust your instincts it is really all you have. People are great to be so helpful and dedicate themselves to the difficult enterprise of understanding the human brain. We are all battling something and sometimes people step up to help, neuroscience and the pharmaceutical industry aren’t bad at all. Just to add though it took around six years to get the hardware tools right, good things take time : )

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