May Lane wall

It looks like we have some critics but what is art without debate and opinions? The May lane wall was nerve racking mainly because I was freestyling a lot of it and going over Adnate and Magee. We were invited to come and redo the wall and as usual I was flying by the seat of my pants. You need change, it can be upsetting but it is essential. I don’t mind being criticised because I am pretty thick skinned especially with the work I do you have to be. I also like feed back whether positive or negative and can accept it. Prefer that over silence anyway. The thing about the wall we went over was it was iconic and my work isn’t usually I can’t speak for Zap he is quite unique. Glad I did it though personally was nice to paint. Usually I avoid May lane because it is a hub I have only painted there a couple of times and each time it has stirred the pot. The wall I did there in 2007 was heavily divided in opinion and it was probably my best wall of that time, this latest wall was disorganised but that is my current state of working Zap and I talked about the dischord and disharmony of this wall as a positive but thats just our opinion.

Well it is done now and I don’t regret it, I have met Magee a couple of times at my work he came to buy paint he is a very popular artist and basically people were kissing his arse which I totally understand. My voice is out there and it isn’t as popular by any means personally I always want to push myself that is what keeps me going and you have big names but every now and then someone pops up who does it differently has a different philosophy and background. Let it be but don’t forget to appreciate different points of view or else it is a one way street. I am glad it has created divisions in opinion my 2007 wall was even more heated. For some it is art for others delinquency. I am more of a delinquent.

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