Do it properly says Magee

So Magee tells me I should have done it properly! just because he is an egomaniac. What is it to do it properly but to be the antithesis of being expressive, do what you want how you want why be proper? Why follow all the rules? If you follow all the rules and do it by the book good things await ie conformity, comfort and the proper way. I have seen other walls with Fintan’s balloon ego work sticking out and I doubt he complained. He needs to get over it, I did my best at the time and yes I left part of his work sticking out the top. Why such a big deal? The big name wants to watch over his empire, I basically painted May lane in an hour and a half with no desire to do the whole wall. What does he want me to do not make my work? I promise I will never work in May lane again it is a magnet for trouble. Full of people all trying to dominate the space. I admit his wall was very good but it had had its day. We spent two hours transforming most of it into a dynamic wall. Magee should be careful not everyone takes this kind of stuff lying down, he is the big guy, big walls, big egos, big careers wanting to tread on the little guy. So many big names, I am the other side of the equation, small walls, small audience but won’t stop for this kind of garbage. Now even graffiti is for professionals.

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