approach to anonymous work

So the basic approach is to present it as an anonymous artists work as Steve’s name is never mentioned in the works, as I said I don’t even know if his name is Steve I don’t know how I got that impression, so I won’t use the name. It will be presented as work by anonymous and I will simply be the person who found it. I never took any evidence of ownership from the files and they have no ownership information on them and the original hard drive is gone. All this took place years ago so I guess I just used a name from somewhere on the disk and assumed. I can’t really use the name Steve with any real confidence now so it is anonymous from here on in. It also solves the basic issues and gives me a way to present it with some respect to the original author, you can’t just slap any old name on something because it gives you an impression of the author and it becomes too casual where really the work is not just some casual la di da it is real work by a real author who is technically unknown. Sorry for my round about ignorance but this is the first time I have presented someone else’s work, really for me it is the story of finding it and the presentation in a show about making thrown away work into art, even then it is hard to justify but I can take that risk. The work raises issues about what is valued and a few of my works raise that issue because it is a concern to all artists. I always get myself into a situation, my other works are the same they just raise issues of value and relevance especially the one on the found laptop, most people just choose to ignore my work in the hope it will end. i still feel it is good to raise questions.

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