Google plus is starting to distract me more as I tend to immerse myself in Linux related stuff. The real advantage has been with my google blog being linked. It wasn’t until I linked them that the blog really started to improve dramatically. It has always been pretty popular but after linking it the traffic more than doubled in a matter of weeks. It is kind of crazy and unexpected. I suppose when I go into the public postings I come across a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t expect. I am still using it mainly for Linux but now my graffiti and photos are getting looked at. I am happy because I liked G+ from the get go but couldn’t really see why I should bother with it. It isn’t as personal as facebook which for me is just family and friends I have never made a page or really tried to push anything on it because I already have a presence on the net with graffiti and have for over ten years. I also try to avoid too many social based sites like Instagram because I have enough passwords and so on, there are advantages and G+ has surprisingly added some value to the equation. I like the communities too especially for specialised areas like development but it is still sorting itself out as people develop protocols especially for ridiculous questions which really need to be asked, but all the time!!! Oh well it will only develop. I am quite happy that I stuck it out but for more personal stuff it is limited.

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