I always wonder why I gain one friend and then lose another, it always happens and has since I have been on it. I don’t even really post on it much. It is weird. One comes one goes and for the life of me I don’t know who it is. I can’t even remember who was added. I do like my friends and my core friends are on there but I always notice it will be 210 friends, then the next day 209, then a few days later 210 again. I once stopped posting for months and gained 50 friends, I think I should just shut up, people will like me more. It is people who I may have hung out with at some point and I don’t exactly remember them, I do have a poor memory especially for names so it gets hard to manage and know who is who. I can’t remember most of the people on my Facebook friends list, maybe I remember 50. One comes one goes. At the same time I have noticed some people opting out of Facebook, like some graffiti people stopped using it and moved to Instagram so they disappeared. I don’t know it is just strange. I have a graffiti profile too and as I said people are opting out as they get more out of other sites. 

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