Out of the ordinary

I have done the distortion piece on the Pi and it doesn’t really do much for me, I might tweak it with pink noise. Once again Zap has been getting a hard time for being playful. Some of his peers think he has gone nuts with his music explorations, I personally think he hasn’t gone far enough, the crazier the better. People describe work like that as ‘nothing’ but really it is fun and it makes you laugh at its innocence. It is like being a child and pushing knobs just to see what it is like. As an adult though you get the stick. People who do something dysfunctional near their forties get disapproving looks and all sorts of labels. There is a label for everything, the commodification of life. The functional are obviously rewarded but what of those bold explorers who will go where nobody dares to tread? There is a whole world of discarded people, if they all made more noise would the world be a better place? If they fell into silence and shame would that help? We label people into oblivion and pigeon hole them, there seems to me too much silence, Australia is too silent the great dead heart. Well really it isn’t dead at all, it is brimming with life but the label stays, too black, too spiritual, too dysfunctional. This nation has never met European expectations, it is frowned upon and people just ignore it, ignore its immensity, it’s difference. It is different and that is good. We are different now too, in our hearts. The soil is beckoning us to lose ourselves into this alien land to embrace its difference. Zap is Romanian and he hears the call as though he wants to break away from the European bonds to make noise and explore. There really is still a lot to explore, history hasn’t ended. History is here right now forever.

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