Stomping on delicate flowers, Sydney 101

I have been learning some acupressure points, some are very strong, I found Heart 9 to be a strong point when pressed in that I felt it through my whole body. Shen Men is another one and the Tranquiliser point are strong these are on the ear and are relaxing. I have read about Le Corbusier and his drawing process and practice. Also, I have been reading ‘The Grey Emminence’, which I wouldn’t normally read. There are other books but they are waiting for me to get back to them.

I have been up in Katoomba a few times in the past few weeks for day trips, you really want to have a fire going when up there. People start their fires around 1 pm and it is a good idea although I don’t have any heating up there currently. The weather in the mountains is unpredictable and so far I have been up on good days so I am glad about that. Nothing major will happen up there maintenance-wise until around August so when I am up there it is only for smaller things that need doing.

We had a big event not that long ago for the official opening of the Resene Woollahra store and it was packed, nobody got COVID either so that was good. Work seems to be promising and there may be some changes soon which seem like a step in the right direction. Mostly at work, it depends on how good a team you have and I feel we have a pretty good team on board at the moment. It isn’t perfect, then again what is but everyone wants to work at least.

The stranglehold on money in Sydney with rents, taxes and inflation has created a lot of pressure and now all I hear about is money. People are angry because Sydney seems only suitable for the wealthy and I hear about it every day. I remember in 1995 a lot of artists started escaping Sydney and all of that talent went to other cities as artists are the first to feel the pressure. The artists in Sydney now are mostly either commercial in most respects or barely hanging on for survival, or have gone to regional areas.

I suppose I am used to people leaving Sydney as that is what I have experienced since my years studying art and ever since. It is a tough city and I know I would have more opportunities elsewhere but I have a little niche that I can work and live in. I am not working nearly as hard as some of my friends who are also artists that are running their own businesses that are very unique enterprises. Anything delicate and cultured seems to get smashed by the rough and tumble environment of Sydney and inflation.

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