Old ghost warehouse lost art, healer, I sometimes have odd dreams. The old warehouse by the water is a warehouse on the harbour that my mind transported to La Perouse; in the dream, it is haunted. In reality, it was a great spot to do graffiti but is now a luxury apartment block, I don’t have any photos so there is always a desire to find lost art or lost photos in the dream.

For a while, I was sitting in my dream with a healer, I needed my bones healed. I think I actually do need a healer at the moment. I have a feeling that one will pop up or I will find one soon anyway.

I was supposed to get up early and see a friend to go painting but the weather isn’t great so we decided to meet later in the afternoon and go for a late lunch. I am glad it worked out that way because I really needed sleep.

The week has been a grind so I am glad things now are slow for the weekend. I need to do some shopping but not today, ANZAC day is coming up on Tuesday so I will see my sister and her husband then.

Currently, I am enjoying a good brew of tea. I am happy with my Ubuntu Linux computers, I recently installed Minecraft on my laptop and Desktop. Also, I was stoked I could access work emails from home which is a bonus. 

I might do a drawing later this evening and get an early night.

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