Peak Performance

Something that is beautiful is not really about beauty as romantics would attest. The most jarring difficult work is sometimes entirely rational and reasonable. You never get the full story. What interests me is the narrative an artwork exists in rather than what it attests to be or seems to be.

Just to get to the reason the colonial mindset can’t fully accept the original inhabitants as an example, it is then obvious Western beliefs are arbitrary. They can never allow their dominance to slip fully. It isn’t just about dominance but the Western mindset will cease to exist.

The schools in Arnhemland that were closed down in the 70s stopped a dialogue between both cultures, they weren’t allowed to cross over. Self-determination is never allowed to happen which also happened in Canada as welfare dependence became the norm.

Nothing then is what it seems to be, are certain decisions an error of the time or a trajectory? A position to make certain that nobody will ever have to be responsible, no government, no group, nobody at all? All that is left is an empty dialogue, voiceless, invisible and suffering at the hands of a noisy rabble that makes no sense as the mask slips away and the horrors become obvious. 

They will throw money at you, only in the hope that you will disappear into the quagmires of urban or remote poverty. All the while making sure you have no voice, when a successfully funded program is too successful the funding gets switched off and the program disappears. It happens all of the time. It isn’t about money really, it is about the trajectory, culture and the slow grinding down of anything that doesn’t confirm or conform.

Luxury goods operate as masks, opulence itself is the weapon we use to terminate and determine. Terminate those that can’t find their own way out of the traps, and determine who will wear the masks. In these scenarios, everyone is in a precarious position but at peak performance.

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