writing letters

I was writing a letter to a friend today and I wrote a bunch of stuff about what was going on in my life and what  I was thinking about. He is yet to write back as I only sent the letter the other day but had the day off work so sent another letter. I thought the below summed up my take on community murals:

“The problem though with community mural work is nobody really pays you anything and it’s about your own quest for quality work and achieving something for yourself. Someone said to me the other day, why did I do high-end work in Malabar when nobody sees it? I said can’t we give anything to the poor and hard done by?

Does everything have to be for some alternative yuppie in Newtown? Even if one person in Malabar gets inspired it could help them expand their minds. Of course, doing good deeds and hoping you are inspiring people doesn’t pay the bills or get you any merit but the upside for me is I am avoiding the selfish pyramid narrative of fine art. The downside is you have to pay your own bus fare, pay for archiving your work, pay for your website, pay for the tools and spend your spare time researching and reading. All to entertain a bunch of self-centred pricks who only care for climbing over people or for those burying themselves in the quagmires of urban life.”

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