All the energy

Sometimes I have supernatural experiences, it probably has a lot to do with my mental illness but I find it interesting. Every now and then sometimes during a windstorm some kind of ‘energy’ will try and latch onto me. Mostly the ‘energy’ finds it hard to latch on for long as I usually will relax and it won’t have anything to cling onto. It doesn’t happen very often, I suppose I am quite sensitive, especially around people. I can pick things up from people like migraines or headaches depending on their particular frequency. Although my experience is quite a low level and disappears after QiGong training.

Just to clarify I am not a new-age thinker and I don’t subscribe to those ideas but I feel the ‘energy’ around me. A few weeks ago two energies attached to my knees and I was in a deep sleep, I basically scared them off with my mind. Last night I felt the energy which was like a loving embrace and I felt quite settled after the event. Energy in some form or another is everywhere and I know if something is close by, in my mind there is this type of phenomenon even on a busy street. A lot of it is quiet and doesn’t want to make itself known, it is just there.

I suppose this will sound odd to a lot of people because where is the evidence? I suppose the sun is probably the most obvious source of life and energy we know as well as stuff coming in from space. We all carry that with us so even if we disappear physically the energy has to go somewhere. Some hang around, some move around, and some of it does disappear as well.

Another way we experience energy is through movement, performance, exercise and all we do. Why would we do all we do if there was no energy in it? We need to eat, sleep and keep the energy flowing in our bodies which we need to stay physically present. This all requires energy.

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