Sordid reality

The new movie by Soda_Jerk is supposed to be about the period from 2016 to around 2020 from what I have heard. I can’t wait to see the movie and when I think of those years all I feel is a kind of trauma from all of the craziness of that period. I don’t know how Soda_Jerk’s movie will be, it has mixed reviews but even one moment of clarity in the movie will be worth more than a hundred trillion social media posts.

A few years ago I posted on a social media platform a quote from a politician who has been retired for decades. Someone remarked on my post he was a child molester and it got me thinking do they not like him or is he a child molester who is yet to be charged for his crimes. As the years dragged on a lot of politicians were called child molesters, mostly the one’s conservatives didn’t like.

So a whole swathe of politicians was eating babies, molesting or murdering children, and generally up to no good. I think the way the posts built up momentum and the accusations got bigger and more elaborate was kind of traumatising. In the end, I deleted all of my social media accounts and I only went back to one platform with limited followers to preserve my sanity.

I never realised that the halls of power were hungry for blood, underage sex, and gore, one of my work colleagues the other day said that I am naive. I said I know, I am purposefully naive because I want to keep my brain from becoming a cesspit. There is something LaoZi says about how it is impossible to reach a high level of realisation if your mind is full of deviant ideas.

When I was in high school for example I never knew about all the sordid stories about who was shagging who, I was in a kind of ignorant bliss. I just painted a lot and when I had a girlfriend we just focused on each other and did our own thing. I never wanted to know the details. I kept out of it. So social media sometime later and you know everything about everyone.

You know stuff about people in the public realm who didn’t realise they were baby eaters either, certified baby nibblers with no understanding of their own actions. There was one pro-Trump artist I had a run-in with and I said even if Hillary was a baby basher she would make a better president and little did I know she was actually a baby eater! The pro-Trump artist wanted Trump to destroy America, that was his reasoning anyway.

You can say that Trump wasn’t bombing the world as hard as old Hillary in her foreign affairs role she was obliterating Syria before the Russians turned up. I suppose I thought of the collapse of the Western world as pretty extreme but it seems to be still happening with Trump out of the picture. It depends on who you ask though and how your coping with your own mental picture of reality.

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