The community of artists held the scene together. I am saddened by the loss of Umph, a very unique style writer who had a signature style of art. He worked across visual art and music, his style was uniquely his own. I deleted my social media accounts a while back and lost touch, only going back to socials for work related stuff with mural artists and a ghost account that has no point at all than to offload and shit post.

I had talked to Umph about possibly going to Gosford but I actually never got my act together and I have been swamped by the loss of family and other stuff that everyone goes through. When I see Umph’s work it radiates his positivity and love of creative pursuits. His work was positive like him, there is more light than shadow and I see and feel the freedom that he must have felt making the work. His work now is his legacy and his family and friends he leaves behind are another legacy.

I hope we can all dig through our photos and celebrate his work, we have lost Gane, there are many other respected writers who have died recently as well who were of a younger generation. Unfortunately for Sydney graffiti it seems that a lot of bridges have been burnt and to also lose talent is even worse. Some movers and shakers over the decades, maybe two in particular, reached a dead end trying to bring the art into more mainstream circles. We only have each other and the light of inspiration.

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