Writing filler work in progress

The ancient planet Devron5 was the original home of Zapgalaxy who through sheer luck met Doer on planet Earth on intergalactic travels. Doer had been time travelling and his coordinates went terribly wrong landing him on grim Earth. The brutality of Earth’s inhabitants was quite a shock to both yet seeing the promise of Hip Hop and the great strides that lay ahead they set up alien beacons in hope of getting to the promised land and awakening those that still lived in darkness and mire. Both were followers of the great awakening of Hip Hop and lived in the hope of the portal system. The portal system was a way of turning a surface into a direct link that made all possible worlds change reality. Many masters and time travellers of yore had perfected this system of communication and it was passed on through specific codes that became emblematic of a particular individual. Also known as a style system the specific key was passed down through the older generations. The key could decode and encode the specific portal making one change their reality and the reality of others.

When a follower of Hip Hop developed and had a key the process of reality distortion would follow and the ancients could communicate directly through the heavily distorted colonial imperialist modalities. The ancients had developed the races of the universe and Earth while the corporate systems looted and fell heavy on certain Earth races. The system was designed to enslave and turn many into darkness and desperation.

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