Magentic time generator

Stanislav Doerski, mathematician, scientist, time traveller and creator of the augmentation ‘magnetic time generator’ worked in the early twentieth century on Mars. His drawings and magnetism concept diagrams were sent through space time into the early twenty first century creating a shift in unknown knowns that sent the future into the past. This anomaly or time shift process occurs sporadically within various substrates known to create portals throughout space time. The Universe condenses and the mind of the portal beholder expands into unlimited knowledge lifting them into the universal consciousness making space time a malleable plastic medium.

As we peer deeper into the portal Mr Doerski found the Universe to compress into a fibrous construct that in turn made many more possible universes and the solar system expanded and folded into two, three and four dimensions. Through the discovery and creation of ‘magnetic time generation’ any period of time can be reconstructed, regenerated and implemented with no ‘reality-data’ lost to perception whether in the past or future. By 1927 the whole of the Earth was moved to Mars which created the great divergence, a time when humanity realised they were aliens. 

This deferral of the future was sent even further back in time when the many races of Earth were colonised and set upon by themselves creating great confusion sending time into an unending loop of corporate capitalism and systematic violence. This deferred future kept finding itself going further into the past making the future Earth a planet burning dinosaur juice with prehistoric ideas that was the antithesis of magnetic time generation. There was now only a back and forth of the past and future with the deferred future always present.

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