present, past, future-past, deferred future-past

What I love about sci-fi classics like Blade Runner is how early twentieth-century fashion blends well into visions of the future. Even the new Blade Runner 2049 has moments of Brutalist architecture and eighties visions of the digital future. So mainly in my own work, I do the same transition of the future-past. My obsession with the early twentieth century is evident in a lot of my work but I feel like that is the real future. The future when presented as the future always has to be the present and the past all at once. Otherwise, how could you present it on screen or in art? Of course, when artists like Futurists and Cubists were working people felt that they were presenting the future but that in itself is my initial point. You can never present the future without it being in a present that is always becoming the past. The past kept coming and the future then became a fashionable idea that was past yet it kept itself unique or at least broken off from the past.

We have seen so much art and fashion come and go but it is always promising the future and we let ourselves fall into this again and again only to enjoy the past, present and future yet this in itself is not post-modern. Only because post-modernism is more about the past and present rather than the imagined future which is the story of post-modernism but even post-modernism had to end. I guess that the art I am making is post-modern because of my age but I feel that the imagined connection with the past is a constant past. Only because everything I do now is decades in the past. Yet at the same time, all of the things I am referencing are all recent. The more I think about it the more I realise that I can’t escape the past continuum and the forever-deferred future. Yet the future was over a hundred years ago. I find that puzzling but clearly delusional, it isn’t comforting or sentimental yet a cold hard fact.

The future was clearly in the past, yet what is coming then? I suppose it is the past through a digital lens. Even artists like Felipe Pantone look old now, yet artists are clearly aware of the past and that is how they manage to present the future-past. I think I have become some kind of dinosaur and if I downloaded an app on my phone I could potentially see my dinosaur buddies augmented and roaming freely. The seventies were the future, the fifties though were a momentary past that yearned for the future-past. Today there is a lot of noise and the frequency is high but we need to travel back over two hundred years to really meet our deferred future.

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