We are heading towards a new era of culture, where the restraints of money and property settle into the background. New horizons dawn for culture to bring better outcomes for the plight of humanity who have had their wealth stolen by corporate interests. Everything has to end and then there is a chance for new beginnings. Culture is the defining stamp of collective humanity and through culture, people find meaning and a connection to nature and other cultures. Cultures driven into the background and oppressed for generations will be rekindled and shine again giving people hope and self-reliance. 

This rise of culture is already underway and will start to bloom and take shape in the next few years. The shackles of money will fall away as people find their authentic voices and rise above such concerns. Money will go back to a trade foundation and we will have a worldwide gold standard rather than the creep of imperialist and post-colonial objectives centred around global control. When conservative voices criticise Indigenous Australians ‘Welcome to Country’ they are saying why should they have a voice or platform to exist on.

A lot of downtrodden types simply agree with shock jocks because they are not allowed a voice in the wider world. We are always told to better ourselves through money and other means to be allowed a voice or otherwise, we can talk about our difficulties through media platforms but there is no way to be truly respected. We can expect platitudes and a quick moment to let off steam, then nothing normally happens to improve anything or change anything. The media platforms simply churn out sob stories like a factory and nobody gets anywhere they truly need to be.

When culture rises, humanity rises, it isn’t something held hostage by elites who see themselves as the true custodians of culture. It simply spreads everywhere and lifts people up, it isn’t necessarily new or cutting edge but something in the bosom of humans from an ancient place. KRS1 talks of the rise of Hip Hop and that is of course a very important rise of the voices of the ancients but culture is multifaceted and has many manifestations. Hip Hop is important because it broke down barriers for the oppressed but truly everyone is oppressed and enslaved to money when they need to exist through all cultural voices that have been hidden from them.

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