Slow day

I write a fair amount of work that isn’t well thought out, mainly to find something or articulate an idea I can’t get out of my head. It can take years to find anything I can put together in a meaningful way, there can be moments of clarity and then a general amount of listless ideas. Before I wrote my first book I spent years throwing ideas around on my blog, a lot of it seemed to have no context until it found its way years after into a book. I don’t know if I can see anything much ahead but I have a vague idea that something is trying to get out. I know basically where it is going but there are not enough pieces yet to thread together anything meaningful. Will anything ever happen with these vague feelings? I can’t say and suppose I am an amateur writer trying to make sense of what I observe.

I hope if I do see the bigger picture ideas in a clear way I can put the pieces together, I suppose art for me is a shadow world in that it isn’t clear until that single moment. It takes work and also a lot of failures to reach something strong. With work being so busy I find myself sleeping and resting when I have free time. There isn’t a lot of free time at the moment but when it happens I am resting. I have a lot of books to read but I am in a visual art headspace and I want to look at art. I might buy a book on art soon because it might bring all of my vague ideas a little closer to finding their way out of my foggy brain. I woke up this morning and felt groggy, it took a while to get into the swing of things. I visited my Mum and did some QiGong in the park for thirty minutes. 

It was a good day for relaxing, the sun was out and it was quiet in the park, the beach at Coogee was very busy and I was glad the park was quiet. I am just settling down with a Sencha tea and I will probably have a nap before doing a little more QiGong.

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