Moon cake and tea

I went back to Tai Ji class after a long break over winter, it was a good class and I learnt a new move that targets the shoulders and the tendons running down the back. The class directive changed with five activities recommended as a foundation for daily training. The actions I already know, and are designed to limit stagnating energy in the body. It was a welcome relief as I have had problems with my shoulders for a few months. This is because of more lifting at work and more labour as we are short-staffed. Also, the environment we are in is quite negative with the pandemic and other health concerns. I was almost about not to go to Tai Ji and I got there quite late to avoid the class talks. Also, I just didn’t have the head space to sit around talking and after we did our training we had homemade moon cakes for the moon festival and tea.

I had a good talk with a couple of other students about art and other goings on, I bought two bags of tea and some incense. Tea is always a favourite of Tai Ji class, the master gets tea direct from China and it is high quality. That was Saturday after work and Sunday was a messy day, I had a decent sleep-in and then received a call from a graffiti artist friend, we decided to meet a little later and paint. I arrived to meet a little bit early and then called to see where he was. He said I have just been pulled over and called back later to explain his licence was disqualified and he hadn’t realised. He said I will catch a taxi and grab some paint and meet you. After I had waited almost an hour I got some food and told him I was going to head home. 

When I got to the tram stop he called saying he had arrived and I waited at the tram stop for him. He was going to meet an old friend of mine and see if he could organise someone with a licence and we travelled to my stop as my other friend lives not far from me. I think I wasted over two hours including travel and went home and then had a pot of Chinese tea. I went to the park and did some Tai Ji and then saw my Mum for an hour before doing some shopping. I think I might skip trying to paint so much, also I enjoyed painting two artworks at home so I didn’t really need to paint walls after all. 

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