Pointless, pointed or a point

I had a very telling dream last night that stuck in my memory, for whatever reason I noticed while in the dream that my right arm was badly gashed and broken. The first realisation that occurred was that I had to make sure the bones were in the right places to heal. The injury was quite bad but it didn’t seem to be an issue if I put things in their right place. I suppose I had been in contact with my QiGong trainer about how I should approach my training and he gave me some goals. Also if we don’t put things in their right order they cease to be functional in the long term, sometimes permanently.

I feel like the problem was laid bare, you could see it for what it was, you just had to put it back together. In a way that sums up my job, parts of my life outside of work will heal eventually. I am quite transparent on this blog to an extent but there is a huge gap that words can leave, they can also bridge issues. I am not much of a poet but I feel like that is no reason to not explore words. It could be pointless, pointed or a point!

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