13/8/22 and the last few days

So a few weeks ago I had a cold that I got over after three days, then recently I came down with Covid. I was doing QiGong and started feeling a little light-headed, I knew that wasn’t a good sign and I got to bed and developed a pretty nasty cough. In the morning I messaged my boss and I went to work to have a RAT test which came up positive, there is a hospital not far from work where I got a PCR test and went home. I lay in bed in a daze for most of the day and evening. The next day I felt a little better but the day after (today) I felt average again. I have to isolate myself for a week, my cat has been giving me non-stop snuggles, and my daughter decided to isolate herself for a couple of days to see if she would develop symptoms. She went to grab some RAT tests and some Udon noodles which I am having a craving for. At this particular moment, I feel ok but know it is something that comes on and then abates.

I feel like work has been a key place where mask-wearing is mostly ignored even though cases have been high for months, Spring is also a time when you can get sick (we are at the start of the Spring season according to the Chinese agricultural calendar for the southern hemisphere). Once again I will go down a few more notches at QiGong class for not being invincible enough but I hope I can recover well enough to do more QiGong whereas at the moment I did some last night and it probably isn’t a good idea until I start feeling better. My appetite wasn’t robust when I started coming down with Covid and I could only eat smaller portions than normal. I am finding fruit and basic food are ok, I don’t really feel like rice which is strange for me, I feel like noodles as I mentioned earlier but they haven’t arrived yet. I read the rest of Rachel Hill’s ‘What my angel sees’ and I enjoyed the journey and insights.

I am surprised I am writing to be honest as this morning all I could do was read and drink tea, my friend Alexandru had Covid a week before I did and I dropped off some care packages to him. We were born two days apart and it is interesting that he is born before me and he got Covid before me. When he had recovered I helped him pack his van for the auctions but we both wore masks and kept a safe distance. He told me he would get me anything I needed but so far online shopping has been a pretty sharp tool to wield. I am better with technology than Alexandru and I doubt he would be into shopping for his groceries online. I found Rachel Hill’s journey well chronicled, not many people want to delve too deeply into their lives and it is refreshing to see her putting all of the pieces together to make decisions in a world where we are mostly told what to think. Of course, there are battle lines drawn in the sand on various platforms and virtual think pieces. She has through observations and various means pieced her puzzle together to enrich her life.

A number of years ago (maybe a decade ago or longer) in Martin Place which is a centrepiece of Sydney’s CBD someone would put stickers on advertising that said ‘BULLSHIT’ and these stickers were active for many years. It is hard to put a timeline on the duration and it was just something around that I never thought would end. Most people understand the sentiment, some appreciated it, and others maybe not. I wonder if the person doing it was caught or if they moved away and or lost interest. That was what I liked about graffiti, it basically was saying the same thing. People don’t understand the point of defacing property but at the same time, it breaks the illusion of what constitutes owning a surface, owning property or what ownership does to people. The more money the more distance, the less money the more distance what can you do when the world is owned by everyone else or corporate groups?

Most people feel the answer lies in creating the biggest amount of distance possible, amassing wealth and prestige then from on high they can preach from far off. My mates who are very wealthy are paranoid and understandably so, they don’t really want to be front and centre in people’s desperate quest for money. At the end of the day, they have their own lives to lead and don’t want a band of admirers who don’t have their own affairs in order. We are all separated by bodies to start with and then everything else comes after that. I just hope people who don’t have a lot can find ways to be happy without the ‘BULLSHIT!’

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