Barriers melting away

It is always hard to know where to start, life comes in waves, and there are possibilities in each energy pulse. Some time ago I realised that you couldn’t share your knowledge unless you are the master or at least an institution has given you approval. Even though you may have learned some things that someone needs to know, this person could be right in front of you, yet you can’t tell them anything. People have barriers, I have impediments as well, these barriers are what make us who we are.

For example, a person may hear about the master but for them, the master has no consequence. It isn’t that the master doesn’t matter, it means we are somewhere apart from their influence. Even if the master is right in front of us we may not understand all that they teach, so how can others who are not even in the presence of the master know anything other than what is in their own heads? There are few masters and many barriers. Sometimes you don’t even want to see the master because you want to take responsibility.

If you want to be the master you need to learn and practice, yet you still need guidance although you need to learn self-reliance as well. Practice is the only answer, self-mastery through practice. There are benefits even if you are not a master, even though your level is only rising slowly if you enjoy the practice you still get benefits. Maybe that is why the master can benefit many whereas the student can only benefit themselves. Yet no matter where you are any benefit, whether your own or others is beneficial. That is why you can’t pass on your knowledge unless you have mastered it yourself to a high level.

What a true master does and shares will benefit many yet people will still live in ignorance. When I went back to QiGong I tried to share what I was learning only so that I could keep it in mind. Some younger people I knew spent their time taking the piss out of the master and anything I said was ridiculed. The master for example is somewhere else from these interactions. They are simply shared in conversation, people have their own understanding and to be honest I didn’t really care what people said in jest.

After a while, I simply knew and was thankful for the benefits I received and thought it is better not to share knowledge until you have mastered the knowledge yourself because I don’t have enough internal power to share. I may know some knowledge but it is limited, I need to connect with the power of nature as it is unlimited, yet getting there requires something beyond myself. There need to be no boundaries, no limits and an understanding that it is practical. The spiritual world and the physical world are the same things. All of the barriers we think are keeping us back don’t really exist.

The master stepped out of the physical world into the fourth dimension through practical means, yet it took practice, most importantly though it took understanding and knowledge of their art. They lived it to truly live. The truth will always be hidden or only understood as a symbol for a short moment by most. The truth though is beyond comprehension as the barriers keep it at bay. If everyone understood this understanding itself would be questionable and you can’t have truth with barriers anyway.

Today I was supposed to meet someone and the other person forgot. I saw a picture they posted publicly of some Chinese tea and I asked them where the place was. They said it was called ‘Chinatown Country Club’ in the city and I finished my laundry and set off to check it out. I looked at the front entrance which was a high-end clothing store and thought it was the kind of place I would have liked when I was younger and a little more hip. I would always find myself in high-end bars and cafes as a young man even though I had no money at the time. A lot of my friends wanted to get into professions so they could enjoy high-end places like that and many of my old friends got there.

When I started working and had a family I moved away from that kind of lifestyle because I felt all of my friends from that time were a bit fake and pretentious. It was more me than them because when I was a lauded graffiti artist a lot of trendy types wanted me around for some street credibility. I did have good friends don’t get me wrong but at the time I felt quite lonely and depressed. When my mental health improved and I got into QiGong in my late twenties I felt more of an affinity with down-to-earth types. I kept away from the places I frequented when I was young and hip people.

At one stage I would criticise people who were trendy and I kept them at bay. I suppose trendy people will forget to meet you so I don’t mind but I walked around the back of the clothing store and went directly into the cafe from a laneway. They are pretty good and quite affordable, it isn’t an extensive range but it is a traditional setup and I would go back. The guy who forgot to meet me told me to tell the owner that I knew him but I had already left and went and got some tea from an Asian supermarket and I went to the park and did some QiGong then walked home.

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