There is no solution to homelessness and poverty because you need these things to keep people afraid and motivated. Anxiety is rife in our society and it is the main driver, every one knows this. Yet how you manage fear and the fear you experience from seeing these things will lead you on your path through life. Some people become destructive, some people get creative, Hip Hop is a catalyst to drive creative dissent. How you deal with fear is very important to life outcomes for yourself and others. Our society needs disasters to occur everyday. We need problems and loads of them. Then we can watch as our fellow citizens sleep rough on the street and all we can do is think about our own problems. Wars have been a big driver to export disasters but we can’t afford wars like we used to. Yet we have enough local disasters to keep us all motivated and busy.

When I did martial arts decades ago I learnt how to deal with fear. I learnt more from martial arts than years at university. I have an average intelligence but I listened to my trainers. People wonder why I am the way I am and am not motivated by what people think. I had to learn that skill because if you don’t have the mental flexibility you can’t deal with the realities of conflict. You will be crushed by people’s expectations or your own ideas of what they are.

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